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Griffin-Spalding Partners in Education is governed by a Board of Directors that is made up of eighteen people, nine of whom are appointed by the Griffin-Spalding Board of Education and eight of whom are appointed by the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Each appointee serves a three-year term.


Qualifications for a Griffin-Spalding Partner in Education board member include:

  • expertise in resource development, program development, and/or evaluation, finance, personnel or public relations
  • ability to provide input to the organization on community or educational issues that affect the accomplishment of goals and objectives; and
  • a willingness to carry out duties within an area of special talent and competency.


Each board member:

  • Is responsible for attending bi-monthly board meetings as scheduled.
  • Serves as an active member of a committee.
  • Participates in fund-raising activities.


Board members are responsible for:

  • formulating policy,
  • setting goals and objectives,
  • maintaining a sound financial base,
  • reviewing plans,
  • making authorizations,
  • selecting leadership, and
  • evaluating the work of the organization.



Lynn Akin
Rehoboth Road Middle School

Lou Baldwin
Griffin-Spalding County School System (ret.)

Lottie Harris
Jackson Road Elementary School

Justin Jerigan
Caterpillar Inc. 

Tim Jones
United Bank

Jeff Jordan
University of Georgia –Griffin

Corey Letson
Georgia Wealth Partners

Cheryl Matlock
Akins Feed & Seed

Suzanne McEwen
First National Bank

Jim Smith
Griffin-Spalding County School System

Evan Stitt

Stephanie Windham
Beck, Owen and Murray



Judy Parker, APR
Griffin-Spalding County School System

Laura Beaber
Griffin-Spalding County School System

Bonnie Pfrogner
Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce

Kelly Smith
Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce