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Recruiting Partners


New Partners in Education are recruited continuously.

  • Schools may seek a business or organizational partner.
  • A parent of a student who owns a business may wish to partner with their child’s school.
  • Businesses who seek community corporate responsibility seek schools to serve.
  • Organizations needing community-service opportunities seek schools in which to volunteer.


When should contacts be made?

At the right moment—whenever the two entities are conversing.


Who makes the initial contact?

  • A school principal or staff member (under direction of the principal) may contact a business.
  • A business person may contact a school in the Griffin-Spalding County School System or the PIE office.
  • The PIE executive director or other system official may contact a business or school.


III. How is a partnership formalized?

  1. The school principal (and/or the school contact) and the potential Partner in Education’s representative meet to create an action plan relating to the school’s improvement plan.
  2. The Partnership Memo of Agreement and proclamation are signed.
  3. The PIE Director presents newly proposed partnerships to the PIE Board of Directors which approves worthy partnership proposals.


IV. What is an Action Plan and how is it created?

The Action Plan simply details the activities of the proposed partnership. The action plan connects the services from the Partner with the goals of the school. The school principal and business representative must collaborate on the action plan and make the partnership mutually beneficial.