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Congratulations! PIE is excited that you are considering becoming a partner in education!


What’s next?

  1. Contact the PIE Director. (770-229-3700 ext. 341)
    The PIE director will confirm that no other school is pursing you as a Partner in Education and will check for any conflicts of interest.
  2. Meet with the principal (and/or the school contact) to create an action plan relating to the school’s improvement plan.
  3. Sign the Partnership Memo of Agreement and proclamation with school’s principal.
  4. Send the Partnership Memo of Agreement, proclamation, and action plan to the PIE Director who presents your newly proposed partnership to the PIE Board of Directors, which approves worthy partnership proposals.


What is an Action Plan and how is it created?

The Action Plan simply details the activities of the proposed partnership. The action plan connects the services from the Partner with the goals of the school. The school principal and PIE representative must collaborate on the action plan to make the partnership mutually beneficial.